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20-22 March/ 3rd PACMAN Workshop



1st-2nd Dicember 2016/ Outreach activities in the UK

One of the PACMAN students, Silvia Zortetti, was involved in two outreach activities in the UK, giving talk to students of different ages. One of this talks aimed at promoting the participation of women in science.



23rd November 2016/ MI partners meeting

MI-Partners is an engineering company active in R&D for mechatronic systems and products. They came to CERN host of the PACMAN project to give a presentation about mechatronics solutions for high-end systems with demanding positioning performance.  



10th November 2016/ PACMAN and CERN meet the HES-SO

76 students and professors from the HES-SO, the Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale, came to CERN for a full-day event with presentations by CERN and PACMAN researchers and HES-SO professor. In the afternoon, the students had the chance to visit different sites at CERN. 



4th-5th October 2016/ DSPE Conference 2016

The PACMAN Fellow David Tshilumba took part in the DSPE Conference 2016, in St. Michielsgestel (The Netherlands). On this occasion, he was interviewed and talked about his work at CERN and within the PACMAN project. 


3rd-7th October 2016/ IWAA Conference 2016

The PACMAN Fellows Iordan Doytchinov, Solomon Kamugasa, Claude Sanz and Vasileios Vlachakis and the PACMAN coordinato Hélène Mainaud Durand took part in the IWAA Conference, which took place at ESRF in Grenoble.


23rd Septemebr 2016/ 3rd PACMAN Supervisory Board





















9th July 2016/ Nuit de la Science 2016

The PACMAN Fellow Claude Sanz and the coordinator of the PACMAN project, Hélène Mainaud Durand, presented the mini-conference "Un fil pour aligner au micron", within the Nuit de la Science event which took place at the Perl du Lac park.



22nd June 2016 / CERN Marie Curie Fellow meets Bulgarian Ministry of Education at CERN

Iordan Doytchinov, one of the PACMAN PhD students, met Meglena Kuneva, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs and Ministry for Education and Science, during her visit at CERN.


13th - 15th June 2016/ 2nd PACMAN workshop 

This workshop, which took place in Debrecen (Hungary), provided a unique opportunity to hear about the latest advances on metrology, characterization and alignment for the components to be installed in big science projects. The workshop involved contribution by industrial partners, research laboratory representatives, academic supervisors, selected international experts and by all the PACMAN Fellows. PhD students have been funded for participating in the poster session.


30th May - 3rd June 2016/ EUSPEN 2016

One of the PACMAN Fellows, Claude Sanz, and the coordinator of the project, Hélène Mainaud Durand, have participated in the EUSPEN conference held in Nottingham, UK.



20th May 2016/ World Metrology Day

World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signature of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations. The theme of this year is ‘Measurements in a Dynamic World’.  On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2016, PACMAN organized an A&T sector seminar at CERN, with talks by the coordinator of project, Dr. Hélène Mainaud Durand, and by the Work Packages leaders – Michele Modena, Prof. Stephan Russenschuck and Manfred Wendt – who presented the project and gave account of the results achieved by the ESRs during their training.



10th May 2016/ CERN and PACMAN meet EcolInt

The CERN Diversity Gourp and PACMAN welcomed three girls from the International School of Geneva to support them in their school project on female stereotypes in the workforce. Kristin Kaltenhäuser, Fellow of the CERN Diversity Office, and Silvia Zorzetti, PACMAN Fellow, have been interviewed on how students can raise awarness among their classmates on gender stereotypes.



8th -13th May 2016/ IPAC 2016

One of the PACMAN Fellows, Natalia Galindo Munoz, and the coordinator of the project, Hélène Mainaud Durand, have participated in the IPAC conference held in Busan, Korea.



30th March 2016 / CERN Marie Curie Fellow meets Italian Prime Minister at FermiLab

Giordana Severino, one of the PACMAN PhD students, met the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, during his visit at FermiLab. A short video of Matteo Renzi's visit is available here.



22nd March 2016 / Presentation at the Lycée St-Exupéry in Bellegarde

Peter Novotny, Vasileios Vlachakis, Solomon William Kamugasa PACMAN PhD students spent a full day at the Lycée presenting their PACMAN Marie-Curie experience and more in general the “Researcher” profession.



18th March 2016 / ENET Event

PACMAN took part in ENET event, External KT Network meeting, which took place at CERN. The ENET meeting is the official meeting of Member States representatives for Knowledge Transfer matters at CERN.



21st December 2015 / Presentation at the school “La Salle Buen Consejo”, Puerto Real, Spain

Natalia Galiando, one of PACMAN PhD Student, went back to her High School and presented CERN, PACMAN Marie-Curie Project and the Scientific Research profession.



19th November 2015 / blog Ciencicola

Natalia Galiando, ones of PACMAN’s researchers has been interviewed for the blog Ciencicola, where PACMAN project is broadcast to all kind of public.


14th November 2015 /  Élargis tes horizons

CERN took part for the fourth time in "Élargis tes horizons", a conference organised every two years at Geneva University for girls from the local region aged 11 to 14 aiming to encourage them to take up studies and careers in the scientific and technical domain
Claude Sanz and Silvia Zorzetti, two of our PACMAN fellows participated in the outreach activity.
More info here


9th - 11th November 2015 /  EPMC Mercure Manchester

EPMC conference dedicated to portable and large volume 3D measurement technology PACMAN has been invited to speak on:


- Upgrade and adaptation of micro-triangulation method and QDaedalus measurement system for the pre-alignment of CLIC components.
- Development and validation of an absolute FSI network for CLIC component micrometric pre-alignment.




11th October 2015 / PACMAN is a new in Etalon website!! Thanks !

19th October 2015 / IP Workshop 

This workshop will offer the opportunity to have a better understanding of IP & KT from different points of view with a selection of international experts from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), EPO (European Patent Offices), CERN KT group, PACMAN industrial partners, research laboratory and academic supervisors.

25th September 2015 / 2nd  PACMAN Supervisory board meeting  



28th - 29th March 2015/ Mid-term Review

 All PACMAN ESR, the European Evaluators, Helene Mainaud Durand and Seamus Hegarty after productive and successful Mid-Term Review.


13th March 2015/ PACMAN - PicoSEC Meeting 

Creating synergy. The students of PicoSEC and PACMAN, both European Marie Curie training project hosted at CERN. They spent the afternoon at the PicoSEC facilities, creating new connexions. Sharing their experiences and knowledge. Some on the researches of both proyect and the management shared their experience being part of an Innovation European program. 

24th - 25th February 2015/ JUAS University students 

As every year, the university students of JUAS course spend some practical days at CERN. For the occasion, two of our researchers prepared an exercise in magnetic measurements. Two days  of real measurements, the students used a mock-up rotating coil bench developed at CERN where the researchers showed how to carry out the principles of magnetic measurements, the instrumentation used and how to measure the quality in an accelerator magnet.


2th-4th February 2015/ 1st PACMAN workshop

4 days Workshop host by CERN where Industrial partners and research laboratories representatives presented the state of the art in each field. ESRs introduced their research program and PhD subject prepared in conjunction with their supervisors.

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September- November  2014  / at Etalon AG

Here you have some pictures of our ERS, Solomon William Kamugasa and Vasileios Vlachakis during their secondment with Etalon AG, Braunschweig, Germany.  




19th -20th November 2014 / LVMC Large Volume Metrology Conference exhibition 

26th September 2014 / European Researchers’ Night

PACMAN researchers left their laboratory behind and headed to the Geneva FNAC store. CERN scientists take to the streets for PopScience. A great chance for researchers to show people their work with interactive science shows, workshops and talk.



26th September 2014 / 1 st PACMAN Supervisory board meeting 

15th -17th September 2014 / IMEKO TC-4  18th Workshop on ADC and DAQ Modelling and Testing
University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy.


31st July- 1st August 2014 /  FSI training. Advanced course in FSI



27th June 2014 / PACMAN Team building


5th June 2014 / PACMAN metrology training




20th November 2013 / PACMAN kick-off meeting. The first official meeting with all the PACMAN project Members.

This aim of the kick-off meeting was to launch officially the PACMAN project in front of all the partners. Firstly, the goals, the partners, the organization of the project was presented.
Secondly, the detailed work plan and schedule of the project, as well as the role and responsibilities of each partner was presented and validated. The first meeting of the Supervisory Board was at the end of the day.