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Peter Novotny

He studied MSc in Cybernetics, Control and Measurements at Brno University of Technology where he designed and tested a signal processing algorithms for experimental measurements on Michelson interferometer.
In additions Peter studied BSc in Automation and Measurements at Brno University of Technology where he worked on designing and constructing a robotic arm including development of PCB and programming of microprocessor control system. Peter has combined his studies with professional experience as a Software Developer in mechatronic systems division of UNIS CZ.  He worked as a Systems engineer in Flight control division of Honeywell Technology Solutions too.
His role in PACMAN project is development of a compact light-weight seismic sensor with a large bandwidth and low noise in order to measure quiet ground motion. DMP will host Peter for hands-on training on high precision machining, quality control and alignment techniques. He will also collaborate with the management, manufacturing and logistics service.
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